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Metal & Wood Painting

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Metal & Wood Painting Service

Metal & Wood Painting Service

Wood Painting Services

Wood is an exclusive material that goes beyond the range of usefulness and transforms your furniture, making it look stunning. No matter if your house is traditional, modern or has a distinctive design and style, wooden doors and windows would enhance its quality without a doubt. Time takes its toll on everything in life and your wood furniture, doors and windows can go through a lot over time. Maintenance of wood may help you make its life longer, increase its resilience and guard it against pests such as insects, bugs, rodents or fungus.

Metal Painting Service

Create the look of radiant and gleaming metal on the interior feature walls, entrances, exits, trim areas as well as furniture of your home with metal wall paint colors. Metal paint colors are the glistening water-based paint for metal surfaces that can be applied to walls, furnishings, as well as accessories imparting a trendy, smooth and glittering look. Metal paint colors have outstanding coverage and dry to a rich high gloss finish. In addition to the walls, the metal wall paints and their deluxe designer finishes that are non-blackening are just right for surfaces in metal and wood. By and large, these paints for metal surfaces are water-based special effects textured paint that proposes an assortment of special effects for interior walls. You can choose from a vast variety of textures obtainable for different conditions and provide your wall with a flawless look.

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We are the most Trustable and Professional Painters. We undertake all kind of wall painting for houses, shops and office spaces. We also deal with decorative wall painting and custom wallpaper service for house. We are in the business of painting houses from last five years and have a good track record in the field of home painting .






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    Wood Painting Service

    Sanding : The First Step

    The first step in our wood painting service process is for the wooden surfaces to be sanded, whether they are to be stained or painted over. The idea is to clear out the dust, the wood colors and glossy layer for a smooth surface starting with a sandpaper of 180 grit all the way up to 400 grit.

    Stain : The next step

    Once all the woodwork is well sanded, it’s all prepared to be stained with a premium wood coating stain. When wood stain is added to any wooden surface, it can not only change the colour of wood but also really bring out the intricate wooden grains. You can choose from a number of best-in-class wood stains that can give your wooden furniture and other wooden surfaces the appearance of Teak or even Mahogany. These coats of stain can be applied before or after applying polish.

    Polish : The Final Step

    There are a few wood polish types or polishing techniques that can be used to add a dash of shine to wooden surfaces. Depending on the surface, polish can be applied either manually by hand or by using specialized tools. We usually apply chalk powder onto the surface before polishing irrespective of whether it’s stained or not to ensure it gets a uniform and consistent tone. We only use the high quality wood polish colors to coat your wooden items so as to protect it from any damage and give it a shine that lasts long, really long.

    Metal Painting Service

    Refurbish your metal items at home such as grills, metal tools and equipment, basically any metal surface with our metal painting services at Paint Street Home Solution. Depending on the area of application and the surface, there is an array of metallic paints to choose from. To give your walls a finished metallic lustrous look, a metallic wall paint would be the ideal choice. Some surfaces require specialized paints. For instance, metal surfaces such as a cooking grill require high heat paint that can withstand higher temperatures and for surfaces that tend to have moisture on them, rust-resistant paint is a must.

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