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    Interior Painting Service

    How Paintstreet Interior Painting take place.

    Matte Paint gives your room a simple, natural look.

    It’s stress-free to apply, even though, at times, it takes more than a single coat to produce a decent and stunning finish. Examples: Royale Matte, Royale Atmos, Tractor Emulsion Advanced

    Satin or Semi Gloss Paint makes a long lasting and more durable film.

    Satin or semi gloss is a paint which is somewhere in between matte and gloss paint. This makes it perfect for spaces where you have to clean the walls on a regular basis. Examples: Royale Aspira, Apex Ultima Ptotek

    Gloss Paint is a type of paint finish which adds a glow over the walls.

    Nail down that gloss paint displays all the damages on a wall and attaining a smooth coverage will often require more than a single coat. Examples: Woodtech PU Interior

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    Why Paint Street Home Solution?

    We are the most Trustable and Professional Painters. We undertake all kind of wall painting for houses, shops and office spaces. We also deal with decorative wall painting and custom wallpaper service for house. We are in the business of painting houses from last five years and have a good track record in the field of home painting .




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    Paintstreet Interior Home Painting Services

    Paint Street’s interior house painting service is a quick and easy way to complete your painting project. Paintstreet has simplified the professional painting experience to make interior house painting easier than ever. Our house painters will handle all of the logistics of your house painting project and make sure it’s a job well done. Paintstreet teams specialize in making houses feel like homes through Interior and Exterior Painting Services. If you’re looking to transform your home, office, villa, apartment in Hyderabad and Bangalore, it’s time to contact Paintstreet. At Paintstreet our House Painting expert provide a variety of house painting and related home improvement services designed to make your home look its best, inside and out.

    In Interior Home Painting Services

    Setting Up – Let’s Roll 

    If you wish to give your home a new look, with a dash of new colours that not only harmoniously blend in with the decor of your home but also kicks it up a notch, you would need the best painting services in town. We at PaintStreet cater to all your painting needs and also offer expert consultation on choosing the perfect interior paint colours  for your home, materials, tools and more.
    Choosing the interior colour and design for your walls is the first step of the repainting process. Let’s get started now!

    Surface Preparation

    We will walk you through the entire process. Even before we can get started with painting the walls , we plan our approach. Don’t worry we will do all the hard work. Depending upon the total surface area to be painted, we estimate the amount of paint required for the walls and purchase the best nerolac interior paints for your home. Once we have that in place, we prepare your home by covering all your furniture and other essential items with plastic sheeting and examine the surface for any damage.  Finally, we scrub the surface and remove any flaking paint that’s left.

    Putty Touch up 

    Once all of the paint has been removed, we carefully examine the surface for cracks, holes or any water damage. In case there are any cracks, nail holes or splinters, we fill them up with one or two layers of putty which is a white cement based compound that can be applied to walls and ceilings. This putty is used to give the walls an even and smooth finish especially in case of an irregular surface and once it completely dries, the surface is sanded to ensure it’s completely even.  Lastly, a coat of interior primer is usually again applied on the walls.


    Priming is one of the most essential stages of the painting process and it’s advisable that you don’t skip this step especially in case of glossy paints. A primer acts as a protector for your paint thereby increasing its overall life. Moreover, applying a coat of primer gives the walls a uniform colour all over and its sheen. It also ensures that the interior emulsion paint sticks on to the walls properly and spreads evenly throughout. However, before applying a coat of paint, you need to make sure that the walls are completely dry.

    Painting – Finishing touch

    You can choose different accents for different walls giving it a more dynamic appearance. But to do that you need to understand the nitty-gritties of colour combinations and the effect that they have on your mood. Our experts at PaintStreet being masters of their craft suggest shades of colours that go well together. Still, to be absolutely sure, they make use of Asian paint shade card for interior walls. Once the primer dries completely, a coat of paint is applied on the walls followed by another coat of paint once the first coat of paint dries.

    In Fresh Interior Painting Process


    The process of painting isn’t about getting started with a roller in your hand right away. The first thing that we do is to properly plan our approach. Envision how the finished project would look and plan the interior paint design of the room accordingly. Now, depending on the colour combinations and the decor of the space that you have in mind, we choose the shades of paint for your walls. After finalizing the shades, we get started with the first part of the painting process which is to apply a coat of primer on the walls.


    Putty is a cement like material that’s widely used to fill cracks, splinters, holes, etc but it can also be used to simply even out a surface and give it a nice smooth finish. An important thing to notice is that it is always applied after the first coat of primer and in a way acts as another defensive layer in addition to the primer. The putty forms a proper base for your intricate designs and home interior colour combinations. Lastly, the putty is sanded thoroughly to ensure the surface is completely even.


    After the touch up, our experts again closely examine the surface of the walls to ensure that they are completely even. The second layer of primer is applied after we examine the surface properly. In case of any unevenness, the surface is sanded for a smooth and even finish. The second layer of primer again acts as a defensive layer for the paint but also makes sure that the interior emulsion paint adheres to the surface properly and maintains a consistent tone and enhances the paint coverage.


    Now, we come to the most exciting and the final part of the painting process. Only after the second coat of primer is completely dry do we begin painting the walls. Now, you can choose from a number of different finishes for your walls such as matte finish, satin finish and glossy finish. Needless to say, the finish solely depends on the type of interior house paint you select. Usually two coats of paint are applied on the walls so that the interior colour looks consistent all over and stays that way for a long time.