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Paint Street Home Solution is offering best and affordable Stencil Design Interior Painting Service in Bangalore and Hyderabad.


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Best Stencil Design Painting Service in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Stencil Painting Service

We at Paint Street Home Solution constantly lookout for new decorative patterns and ideas to bring our customers the widest choice in original design. Get in touch with our team to know more about its pricing and benefits and we will help you revamp your home interior with new and improved stencil wall art designs. Check out our Texture Design Painting Service too. 

We have a wide variety of stencils Design Painting available with us, there is something for everybody. Stencil painting is a good alternative if you are not looking to get a wallpaper or texture on your wall.

as far as price is concerned We at Paint Street Home Solutions charge per square feet basis for a normal wall which includes Labour, Material, Artist Charge, Stencil Charges, Cleaning etc. But as per the client requirement we split the service and price also so that our client get the best result and service at affordable price. 

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    We are the most Trustable and Professional Painters. We undertake all kind of wall painting for houses, shops and office spaces. We also deal with decorative wall painting and custom wallpaper service for house. We are in the business of painting houses from last five years and have a good track record in the field of home painting .




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    Type of Paint which you can use in your Interior Design Painting

    Oil Based Paints

    These paints are as the name itself suggests it is an oil based Paint. These come in primarily three types.

    1) Flat Finish:- No Sheen just Matte Finish. Used usually on walls and doors for those not wanting sheen or in areas where they didn’t want light reflection from walls. Like Photo Studio

    2) Semi Gloss: It has Slight sheen. The sheen level varies from the soft satin finish to the semi gloss Lustre Finish In common parlance, there exists A satin paint and a Lustre paint, both are variants of the semi gloss oil based paint. These are used on walls and wooden surfaces like doors/partitions.

    3) High gloss: The most common type and oldest type of oil paint. It’s super glossy and shiny. This type of paint s used on metal surfaces like grills and railings.

    Water Based Acrylic Paints

    These paints are Acrylic based and are diluted with water while painting. They are quick drying as the water dries up quickly. These are of the following kinds

    1) Acrylic Distemper: This is the most common and economical paint. It has a matte finish and is available in limited shades. Most new flat owners would get their homes with walls painted in acrylic distemper. It’s economical, quick to dry but is non washable.

    2) Economic Emulsions: These are one grade above the distemper in terms of finish. This paint is smoother to touch; looks better on the walls but can’t resist stains and can’t be washed. Tractor Emulsion, Dulux promise and Berger Bison emulsion are some of the examples.

    3) Washable Emulsion: These are paints developed a decade ago and are quick drying and washable at the same time. These paints have a smoother finish than distemper’s and emulsions and have a paint film which has abrasive resistant compounds. Hence these paints have a soft sheen like oil based ‘satin’ finish. They area available in thousands of shades. Like Berger easy clean, Dulux 3 in 1.

    4) Luxury emulsions: These paints have a mix of the best. Rich sheen, washable and quick drying. These are the newer paints and have been doing really well in the interior decorative segment: Like Asian’s Royale series, Berger’s Silk series, Dulux’s Velvet Touch series and Nerolac Impressions series

    5) Specialty Paints: There are certain interior paints manufactured for specific areas like labs, hospitals, food processing units. These paints have no odor or very less odor or very less of chemical compounds that can cause irritation. Like  royal Heathsheild, Jotun’s fenomastic hygiene and Berger’s Easy clean Fresh

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